If you’re a musician, most of your fans are probably casual fans.

If you’re a fan, then you’re probably a casual fan to some musician.

Bob Pokrzywa and the crowd

With Facebook and Twitter, it’s easy to keep up with what artists are doing, releasing and saying. Because of YouTube, Vimeo and StageIt we can watch a concert of our favorite band from the comfort of our home.

Back in the day, fans had to travel in order to see bands play.

They had to go to a physical store to purchase a physical album. They had to read a physical magazine or newspaper to see what musicians were up to. They watched these musicians on the television, and if they missed it then they weren’t going to see it.

Websites like StageIt.com make it possible to have an international concert and communicate with people all over the world. This is the reinvention of the fan. It’s different than it used to be, and musicians need to flow with it.

Adam Bernard of Adam’s World seems to agree.

“When someone ‘likes’ an artist’s Facebook page,” Bernard says, “all an artist has is someone who’s ‘liked’ their Facebook page. Turning that  ‘like’ into a fan takes some decidedly offline efforts.”

Being a casual fan is not detrimental to the music industry; it’s a change that is occurring due to the advance in our technology.

Artists need to embrace it and work with it.

Technology can be a useful tool to reach and communicate with fans. It’s just a matter of finding creative ways to harness it for the good of your career and brand.

Find out who your “super fans” are, be creative about how to interact with them and seek to transform all of your casual fans into super fans.

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